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Special Police Request Form

  1. Types of Requests
    Extra Duty Police Officer: This is a service request to have uniformed or plain clothes Newtown Township Police Officers for a scheduled special event. Please complete the following form, including all required blocks and any special details or instructions. Please note there is a 3-hour minimum.

    Vacation House Watch: This is a service provided to our Township Residents by the Newtown Township Police Department. Officers from the Department will complete a 360-degree perimeter check of your property while you are away on vacation or for an extended period of time. Additionally, if the need arises for special or added attention to a property, officers will make daily checks of the registered property.

    Do Not Solicit List: If you do not want a solicitor who has registered with the township to come to your address, please provide the necessary information.

    Other: Please fill in as much information as possible in the “Comments / Details” field, so we can assist you.
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