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Posted on: December 26, 2022

Holiday Recycling Information

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The presents are can I recycling this packaging?  Here is some recycling information that should help you in the days after Christmas...

First, check the recycling calendar to verify your next recycling collection date.  The week between Christmas and New Years has a 5th Thursday and 5th Friday this year, so no collections will be taking place on those days.  

Second, be sure to check the Public Works Recycling page - it has plenty of information regarding residential recycling in Newtown Township (including a map, listing of streets and other helpful material).

Many well-intentioned people place things into recycling in the days after Christmas which cannot be recycled and can contaminate the good material.  Here are some guidelines:

The Nice List: YES, please do Recycle

  • Cardboard (clean, dry and flattened)
  • Paper boxes (including gift, shoe and shipping boxes)
  • Plain wrapping paper and paper gift bags (no glitter, foil or decorations, and bags must not be glossy)
  • Holiday cards and envelopes (without embellishments; remove the batteries from electronic greeting cards, remove foil from envelope flaps if present)
  • Plastic bottles and jugs (empty, clean and dry)
  • Metal food and beverage cans (empty, clean and dry)

The Naughty List: NO, do not recycle - instead Reuse, Donate or Discard

  • Decorations including lights
  • Artificial trees
  • Clothing (if you cannot donate these, consider having them collected by retrievr )
  • Ribbons and bows
  • Cellophane wrapping
  • Fancy gift bags and wrapping paper (with foil, lamination or decorations)
  • Packing materials: bubble wrap, plastic air pillows, foam sheets and packing peanuts (see if UPS Store, FED-EX Store, etc. can take them)
  • Food waste
  • Containers with food waste on them

Contamination of recyclables is a big problem in the industry, and we do not want an entire batch of recycling discarded due to items being placed in which cannot be recycled.  Use the above as your guide, and if in doubt, throw it out.

For items like non-working Christmas lights, see if stores like Home Deport or Lowes have a drop off for them - some stores do.

For all electronics and textiles, Newtown Township's partnership with retrievr is a great option.  See Public Works' webpage on this topic for more information.  While primarily discussing electronics, retrievr collects textiles / clothing too.

Christmas Tree Collections

Public Works will collect real (not artificial) Christmas Trees for recycling from January 3, 2023 thru January 13, 2023.  No need to call - just place your tree at the curb with all bags, decorations, lights and tinsel removed.  We will be by throughout the two weeks to pick up trees.  We will handle chipping them and will re-use the wood chips in public parks and along trails.

Thank you for your efforts to recycle in Newtown Township!  Always feel free to visit our Public Works page for links to recycling information, electronic recycling information, household hazardous waste collections and many other services we provide.

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