Ellis Avenue Sidewalk Project

Ellis 2 - Large

The Ellis Avenue Sidewalk Project will begin in mid-September (as of this writing on Monday, September 18, 2023.)  During the work, pedestrian facilities and traffic calming measures will be installed along Ellis Avenue between West Chester Pike and Gallagher Way / Gable Park.

Addressing the concerns of many residents who live in the area, the project - funded by a PennDOT Multimodal Grant - will provide for a sidewalk which will connect the West Chester Pike sidewalk system with the Bishop Hollow Trail / Municipal Complex / Gable Park.  It will also address traffic calming by installing several permanent speed humps and one "raised crosswalk."  Finally, some additional stormwater infrastructure has been added to what presently exists along Ellis Avenue.

This project complements the desire expressed often by the entire Newtown Township community in the Newtown Township Comprehensive Plan as well as in the Newtown Township Greenway and Open Space Network Plan.  Links to both plans, as well as the plans for the Ellis Avenue Sidewalk Project - can be found below.

If any updates to this project occur they will be posted here. 

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