$500 Madaleen Ellis Academic Scholarship

The purpose of the Scholarship is to:

  • Honor the life and memory of Madaleen Ellis, a key contributor to the Society 
  • Encourage membership and raise awareness of the Society 
  • Support education of Township residents 
  • Support/reinforce the Mission of the Society to educate about history
  • Promote interest in local history  

The requirements for this Scholarship are:

  • High School, College or Graduate Student who is a resident of Newtown Township. 
  • No particular school requirement
  • Scholarship is to go towards studies at an accrediting institution of higher education. 
  • Non-residents who have significantly contributed to the Mission of the Society will be eligible to apply. 

Selection Criteria:

 Applicants will be judged on a combination of academic performance, extracurricular activities and community service/ non-profit work. Preference will be given to those who have been involved in activities in the Society and those who are members of the Society (family membership included).  Applicants can become members at the time of application.  

Selection Process: 

Applications can be submitted in letter format by email to info@nshistory.org.  Applications are due by April 20. A scholarship selection committee will review submissions and recommend winners to the Historical Society Board for the May board meeting. Selection will be announced by no later than after the May board meeting through mail correspondence.