Sustainable Newtown Square - watch the Township's progress toward sustainability 

As the Township progresses in our sustainability efforts to advance beyond a Silver Status, accomplishments or actions will be noted under the relative best practice.  The focus will be put on the best practices that apply and can be realistically accomplished. 

The following is a comprehensive list, per category. of the 130 best practices of the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification Program.

Sustainable PA Silver

  1. Governance & Community Engagement
  2. Healthy Communities
  3. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  4. Education
  5. Energy Use, Conversation, & Green Building
  6. Environmental Stewardship
  7. Housing
  8. Land Use and Transportation
  9. Local Economy
  10. Other Sustainability Innovation

Municipal Operations

  • 1A - Professional staff are employed or retained, in the areas of budgeting and finance.
  • 1B - A revenue-expenditure trend analysis is conducted annually.
  • 1C - Funds for capital-related borrowing are not used for day to day expenses.
  • 1D - Municipality routinely evaluates ability to ensure that revenue is sufficient to maintain public infrastructure, i.e., road, water, sewer, stormwater, (community has an asset management based budget system).
  • 1E - Obligations for pensions/other post-employment benefits are funded for the long-term to at least 80%.
  • 1F - 5-10 percent of operating funds are carried over year to year.
  • 1G - Taxation takes a balanced approach applicable to all sectors of municipal services provided and fees satisfy cost recovery.
  • 1H - Green vehicle fleet assessment has been initiated toward: using greener fuels and/or vehicles, vehicle right-sizing for the job/trip, retrofit or replace older diesel trucks or equipment with cleaner technology, or driver education about driving techniques for fuel economy. 

Community Engagement

  • 2A - Civic engagement, public participation and transparency are regularly assessed and facilitated. 
  • 2B - A Historic Review Commission is active. 
  • 2C - An Environmental Advisory Council is active.
  • 2D - Municipality communicated with the public via a regularly scheduled newsletter or regularly updated web based communications. 
  • 2E - All municipal-sponsored events have a sustainability-awareness component.
  • 2F - A program exists to actively pursue and match residents and local businesses to volunteer opportunities to better the community and assist the local government. 

Local and Regional Cooperation

  • 3A - Municipality is an active participant in a Council of Governments. 
  • 3B - The municipality utilizes Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreements (ICA) to engage in multi-municipal endeavors. 
  • 3C - Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreements include conflict resolution provisions.


  • 4A - The municipality is committed to passing a resolution (within six months or enrolling) to affirm participation in the Sustainable Community Essentials Certification Program. 
  • 4B - A municipal sustainability program(in name) has been developed and departmental goal setting and budget processes are used to advance it. 
  • 4C - Sustainability policies, goals, and principles have been adopted.
  • 4D - A sustainability assessment has been conducted to evaluate municipal facilities, operations, plans and regulations relative to conserving resources, saving money, and implementing policies and procedures that simultaneously advance the environment, economy, and social equity.
  • 4E - There is on-going training for municipal employees and officials and the HR function is closely engaged in advancing objectives of the municipal sustainability program. 
  • 4F - Procedures are in place to measure and track the impacts of the sustainability program (and yearly reporting to the public on results is conducted).
  • 4G - An executive/management level municipal staff person has responsibility for management of the municipal sustainability program expressly included in their job description.
  • 4H - Professional development for municipal personnel and officials includes participating (at a minimum, per year) in quarterly Local Government Academy, PA DCED or other professional training association programs. 
  • 4I - Newly elected officials participate in Local Government Academy or other orientation training for public officials. 

Public Safety

  • 5A - Municipality maintains updated public safety mutual aid agreements with neighboring municipalities and shares resources.
  • 5B - Municipality maintains an updated Public Safety comprehensive plan to be sure staffing and financial resources keep pace with municipal needs for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services.
  • 5C - Municipality participates in a regional service program or contracts services to or through other municipalities for fire, police, or EMS.