Native Plants

Getting ready for Spring planting? Here are a few reasons why Native Plants are so important:

First, because they are adapted to the conditions of our local environment, native plants are the foundation of our region’s biodiversity. Plant species such as Swamp White Oak and Purple Coneflower serve as a critical resource for birds as they provide essential food and shelter and help mitigate the challenging effects of our changing climate. Many species of insects have co-evolved with these native plants over time and are essential food sources for birds.

Second, by simply choosing native plants for our yards and public spaces we can minimize the use for fertilizers and pesticides, conserving significant amounts of water, and reduce energy demands thus creating healthy communities and realizing significant cost savings for households.

Finally, native plants are more effective at controlling stormwater and can help contribute to the achievement of the Township’s MS4 requirements when integrated with green infrastructure such as rain gardens, bioswales and riparian buffers.

Consider creating a Pocket Meadow on a corner of your lot to help support birds and pollinators!  Click this link to see a brochure to find more native plant information and seasonal recommendations.

Check out the list of native plants for your back yard at :