Signs, Streetlights and Traffic Signals

The Public Works Department is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of Newtown Township’s 22 traffic signals, street signs along its 52.88 miles of roads, and approximately 300 streetlights.

All existing traffic signals and streetlights have recently been converted to energy-efficient LED lights, which provide clean, quality and well-designed light in the areas they are installed.  Traffic signals are being upgraded with emergency backup power capacity for use during power outages.  In addition to streetlights already found throughout the Township, additional streetlights were recently added to all public transportation stops and in front of schools.  

Newtown Township maintains 52.88 miles of roadway, on which are various signage, including but not limited to stop signs, speed limit signs, street name signs and other directional and instructional signage.  The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires state and local governments to maintain minimum levels of sign retroreflectivity for regulatory and warning signs.  This is listed in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  Newtown Township had been upgrading all of its street signage to meet the latest requirements over the past few years.

Contact the Public Works Department if you wish to report a damaged street sign or an traffic signal or streetlight that is not operating properly.  We will work on your report as quickly as we can, and appreciate you helping us by reporting it.