Climate Change Issues

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The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) has developed a new publication, Municipal Management in a Changing Climate.

According to 2017’s Climate Science Special Report. “Sixteen of the warmest years on record for the globe occurred in the last 17 years (1998 was the exception):·1 The climate across the Greater Philadelphia region has also changed, with warmer and wetter weather concentrated in heat waves and heavy rain and snow events. Municipalities have had to bear the burden of this change by responding to the impacts of extreme heat, flooding from heavy rainfall, and clearing heavy snowfall. Actions and decisions you take today will protect your community and residents for the future, and reduce the costs and impacts of these weather events.

This brochure gives a brief overview of the primary ways your municipality can respond to and prepare for the on-going change in the climate. This short publication does not attempt to address all the issues of this complex topic. Its goal is to introduce municipal leaders to the topic and provide an introduction to how to take climate change into account in municipal management.

This brochure is the most recent in the Municipal Implementation Tools (MIT) series, which aids municipalities in adopting the recommendations in Connections 20./5, the Greater Philadelphia region’s long-range plan. Connections 20./5 provides a sustainable land use and transportation vision for the region’s growth and development through the year 2045. Additional MIT brochures can be found at Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission