Sewer Bill Information

In an effort to better serve the residents of Newtown Township, in 2016 a decision was made to move from annual sewer billing to quarterly sewer billing. We believe this transition provided some major benefits to its residents and businesses.

Benefits of Billing Cycle Change

First, this improved the overall customer service of the billing by giving the Township the opportunity to design new sewer bills that provide better detail and enhanced clarity of what is currently being charged. Second, unlike the former annual bills that necessitated a larger one-time payment by the resident or business, quarterly billing allocate the cost over four quarters. Lastly, this method gives Newtown the chance to bill based off current usage. In the past, Newtown Township’s sewer bills were based on the previous year’s water consumption.

New Billing Procedure

Starting in 2016, bills are calculated using water consumption during each current quarter. While quarterly billing gives residents and businesses “real time” usage billing, the Township needed to make up for the year that we have always billed behind. So as not to excessively burden those who pay sewer bills, Newtown charged for the 2015 year gradually over four years. In other words, each quarterly bill also includes 1/16 of the 2015 annual bill. 

Further Information

A Sample Bill (PDF) hopefully assists in understanding how to read your bill. If you have any further questions, please call 610-356-1160.

Delaware County Regional Water Authority (DELCORA) Tap-In Fee

The Delaware County Regional Water Authority (DELCORA) tap-in fee is $1,500.