Township Maps

On this page you can find several maps of Newtown Township. These maps can help to provide you with important information about when your recycling is scheduled to be collected, what precinct you are located in, where you can exercise your right to vote, etc. Please select the appropriate map to view the information you would like.


State Roads

The following roads are State Roads: All of the following roads are maintained by the state. If you have a concern, please contact PennDOT at 1-800-fix-road or by visiting their website

  • Bishop Hollow Road
  • Bryn Mawr Avenue
  • Church Road
  • Goshen Road
  • Gradyville Road - except the section between Bishop Hollow and Newtown Street Road
  • Media Line Road - 1/2 is in Newtown Township
  • Newtown Road
  • Route 252 - Newtown Street Road and Darby Paoli Road
  • St. Davids Road
  • West Chester Pike