Approved Township Solicitors

Approved Solicitors

Green Star Exteriors

Green Star Exteriors (Phone:1-800-625-0021) has been granted a permit by the Newtown Township Police Department (NTPD) to solicit within the Township. The NTPD maintains a list of peddlers/solicitors that are registered and permitted to solicit within the Township. Permitted individuals have been provided with Township-issued IDs, which are to be visible when they are soliciting. As new solicitors register, the list will be updated on this page. At present, Green Star Exteriors is the only company with such a permit to solicit.

Solicitors Not on the List

Should a solicitor come to your home and not be on this list, please call 911.

Who Needs to Be on the List

Please note, only people who are selling an item or service need to register. Political or religious organizations and groups seeking to have petitions signed are exempt. More information regarding Peddling and Soliciting is available in our General Code, Chapter 118: Peddling and Soliciting.