Leaf Collection 

Introductory Information 

Each year in October, November and December, Newtown Township conducts a leaf collection.  The areas to be collected are based on the Recycling Schedule Map (zone #1 and zone #2).  Click here to see the 2019 Leaf Collection Map with the dates to have your leaves to the curb.  We provide two opportunities for leaf collection - an early pick-up and a later one.  Please follow the instructions below to prepare your leaves for pick-up.  

Thank you to the majority of our residents who place their leaves out per the guidelines shared each year, follow the published schedule and are patient while we work our way through the Township. During our 9 weeks of leaf collection, all we want to do is get the leaves picked up as quickly and as safely as possible. Other than unexpected winter weather, road work and other possible emergencies, leaf collection becomes one of Public Works' highest priorities.

Preparation Instructions

Please rake your leaves into even piles at the edge of your property. They should be INSIDE of the sidewalk. If you have no sidewalk, they must be INSIDE the curb.  Do not allow leaves to spill into the street – they can clog gutters and storm drains, and piles in the street can be unsafe.  If you have a landscaper doing this, be sure they understand these instructions, as the property owner will be responsible if leaves are found blocking portions of the street.  

Leaf collection will be picked up according to the schedule listed below, weather permitting. All leaves must be to the curb by Monday morning of your scheduled time for pickup. If you have a landscaper helping you with this, make sure they understand the schedule they need to work with.  "My landscaper couldn't do it then" is an excuse we hear every year and is unfair to all of your neighbors and the community as a whole when we have to come back to an area we already went through.  After we pass your street, it is some else's turn to have their leaves picked up.  Don't let your landscaper put you in that position.  After the scheduled collection times have passed, you will be responsible to dispose of your leaves. Any changes or updates to the schedule will be posted on the Township website.  You are encouraged to check this schedule to see if any modifications have been made and to see a large leaf collection map and street listing. 

Leaf collections do not take place on streets which have not yet been dedicated to the Township, as these streets remain the responsibility of the developer or private owners. 

Thank you for your help and your patience as we collect approximately 10,000 yards of leaves each season. That is a lot of material being kept out of the waste stream!

2019 Leaf Collection Schedule

Click here to see the 2019 Leaf Collection Map.  

  • First Collection in Zone #1 - all leaves must be out before Monday, October 28, 2019
  • First Collection in Zone #2 - all leaves must be out before Monday, November 11, 2019
  • Second Collection in Zone #1 - all leaves must be out before Monday, December 2, 2019
  • Second Collection in Zone #2 - all leaves must be out before Monday, December 16, 2019
  • Christmas Tree Collections take place throughout the Township January 2 - 17, 2020
  1. Leaves Only 
  2. Keep Streets Clear
  3. Keep Inlets Clear
  4. Never Burn Leaves
  5. Leaf Dumping

Leaves Only

We do not “skip” piles of leaves unless they are blocked by a vehicle or unless they are full of sticks or rocks. Those we cannot collect. Our leaf collection machines are essentially large vacuum cleaners - your vacuum cleaner at home cannot handle material it is not designed for without being damaged - the same is true for the leaf collection equipment - they are meant for leaves only. 

Leaves mixed with grass trimmings, sticks, branches, rocks and wood will NOT be collected.

Public Works provides for collection of other yard wastes like sticks, Christmas Trees, etc. at other times of the year - during these 9 weeks we can only collect leaves with this equipment, so please do not put other material in your piles (and hiding them underneath some leaves does not mean the machine can magically take them!).