Electronics and Appliance Recycling Collections

Each Spring, Newtown Township is pleased to provide and share opportunities for residents to properly dispose of electronics.

State of Pennsylvania Electronics Recycling Information

Newtown Township Electronics Recycling Collections

  • Electronic Recycling Event - Anything with a Plug (PDF)   May 18, 2019
    • Items you can recycle at this event (PDF)
    • Newtown Township thanks everyone who participated in 2018’s electronic recycling event on May 19, 2018. The event, held in partnership with Marple and Haverford Townships, took place at Delaware County Community College. Over 100,000 pounds of electronic waste was collected to be properly recycled. 
    • Newtown Township encourages residents to investigate the stores who sell electronics that also take electronic items to be recycled throughout the year. We are aware that TV’s are currently not accepted by these stores due to the extreme cost of recycling their components. We are actively looking for a resource for our residents to recycle TV’s and will post that information here when an option other than our annual electronics recycling event is found.  
    • There are other electronic recycling events at nearby locations held throughout the year - when we learn of these we will post that information here.

Other Resources for Electronics and Appliance Recycling

Below see links to resources to other electronics and appliance recycling options.  Always check with the store you purchase a new item from - often the electronics or appliances you are replacing can be taken by them at that time for recycling.