Public Works


The Public Works Department is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of Newtown Township’s infrastructure, including:

  • 51.39 miles of roads
  • Public buildings, properties and facilities
  • Community parks and walking trails
  • Storm sewer system and sanitary sewer system
  • Streetlights, street signs and traffic signals
  • Fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment

The Public Works Department also oversees various services to the community, such as recycling (including the collection of residential recycling, the monitoring of commercial and institutional recycling, and providing opportunities to responsibly dispose of electronic waste and household hazardous waste).  To help recycle yardwastes they collect branches in the spring and summer, leaves from residences in the autumn, and Christmas trees in the winter.  Public Works also assists various Township groups and volunteers in their work benefiting the community, including the Environmental Advisory Council, Parks and Recreation Board and Newtown Square in Bloom to name a few.


The Public Works team is manned by one director and seven staff members.  They work behind-the-scenes in the community each day, and are on call 24/7 - meaning you will see them at night and on weekends dealing with snow and ice on roads, downed trees from storms, power outages, and other emergencies.  Public Works takes seriously their part in keeping our community safe, beautiful and running well.

Public Works Staff 2018