Public Works


The Public Works Department takes seriously its role in the community by being responsible for the ongoing care and maintenance of Newtown Township’s infrastructure.  This infrastructure includes:

  • 52.88 miles of roads
  • Public buildings, properties and facilities
  • Fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Community parks and walking trails
  • Storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems
  • Streetlights, traffic signals and traffic signs

The Public Works Department also oversees various programs including the Township’s recycling efforts (collection of residential recycling, monitoring of commercial and institutional recycling and providing opportunities for electronic recycling and household hazardous waste collections)  and facilitates yardwaste recycling (including the collection of residential leaves in the autumn and branches in the spring).  They work closely with other Township departments and also provide assistance to various Township Boards, Commissions and Volunteer groups who perform work within the community (for example: the Environmental Advisory Council, the Parks and Recreation Board and Newtown Square in Bloom to name a few). 


The Public Works Department has a team of one director and seven staff members who work to accomplish their required duties each day of the year. They are on-call 24/7, and often are in on nights and weekends to address snow and ice removal from roads, downed trees and other storm cleanup and various other emergencies.

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